Monday, February 14, 2011

Study Hall - Shobogenzo

"Shakyamuni Buddha said, 'Buddha's true dharma body as it is, is open sky. In response to things, forms appear. Thus is the moon in water'.
The thusness of Thus is the moon in the water is the moon in water. It is water thusness, moon thusness, thusness within, within thusness. Thus does not mean 'like something'. Thus means exactly.
Buddha's true body is the as it is of open sky. This open sky is the as it is of buddha's true dharma body. Because it is buddha's true dharma body, the entire earth, the entire universe, all phenomena, and all appearances are open sky. Hundreds of grasses and myriad forms - each appearing as it is - are nothing but buddha's true dharma body, thusness of the moon in water.
The time when the moon appears is not necessarily night. Night is not necessarily dark. Do not be limited to the narrow views held by human beings. Even where there is no sun or moon there is day and night. Sun and moon are not day and night; each is as it is" - 'The Moon', 'Tsuki'.

"Thusness is to accept what is as it is" - 'Flowers in the Sky', 'Kuge'.

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