Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stepping In

Wednesday afternoon zazen is often sparsely attended - residents and practice period participants are upstairs having the practice period tea in the dining room - and today I had to do a bit of running around to get the doan jobs covered. After I had rung the three bells to begin the period, two pairs of people came in, one after the other. I didn't recognise any of them, and I could tell that they had the hesitancies of newcomers, but I was really touched to see, as they sat down in the quadrant closest to my seat, that one of each pair was demonstrating the forms to their friend to make them feel more comfortable as they took their place. I sat with a big smile on my face.


Dennis said...

I suspect you're talking about those two nice young women - very sweet people. One had come once, one had never been to the ZC before. I gave them my best one-minute Zendo forms whispered lecture and was pleased to see them during service - a beat behind, carefully watching to see what to do. They were very happy as they left afterward.

Shundo said...

Dennis, thanks for being such a sterling doorwatch, you see what effect it can have.

Sandra said...

sweet. i remember my first zendo sit. i was so nervous and self-concious about being clueless. and so relieved when someone warmly and gently guided me through the sit and service.