Monday, June 11, 2012


In contrast to the previous weekend, the one just past was deliciously warm and sunny. While this does not do much for my critical faculties, it does offer tremendous light for photography, especially as we get closer to the longest day. Here is the dining room Buddha lit by the dinner-time sun - to its detriment, it has to be said - and the view from the roof shortly afterwards.


Mike said...

Hey Shundo,

The image of the Buddha bathed in sunlight is an excellent visual companion to your "Study Hall" post right below. I've been reading a commentary on Dogen's "Instructions to the Tenzo" by Kohso Uchiyama that speaks of similar things. One's karma runs through all things- one's mind runs though all things - karma is big, mind is big - any difference?

Hope you are well.

Shundo said...

I think I will let Katagiri Roshi respond to that - stay tuned.

Renee said...