Friday, June 22, 2012

Going Public

Abbot Steve came to work meeting yesterday morning and announced the changes in the Zen Center officer positions that had been ratified by the board the day before; unfortunately a new secretary has not yet been selected to replace Valorie, who has been patiently waiting to take over from me as ino. He followed this by asking if everyone knew that I was going to be the next shuso at Tassajara, for the fall practice period. Nobody did, mainly because the decision was only made at the weekend - which is what I was alluding to in my post after sesshin - so I was subsequently showered with congratulations.
It is a wonderful honour to be asked to be shuso. I had requested previously to have the chance to do it at Tassajara, and there had been a few conversations about how and when this was going to happen. Now that it is closer than expected, I feel very excited to have this opportunity, and to be able to study and practise down there again.


Shonen said...

Congratulations Shundo. I'm sure you'll be missed at City Center but their loss is Tassajara's gain (if you'll excuse the dualistic terminology).

BTW, how did the retreat go in England?

Ancient Dragon Zen Gate Fundraising Auction said...

Congratulations on your appointment as shuso. I will miss your thoughts on the blog when you transition to the new office.

Douglas Floyd
Ancient Dragon Zen Gate

Shundo said...

Thank you both. I'm sure Valorie will uphold the blog as well as the office of ino. Shonen, from my perspective it was great, though you would probably have to ask the others for a balanced view. I was happy to see so many seasoned practitioners over there.

Sandy's witterings said...

Well done Shundo on getting to be Shuso up at Tassajara.(I've just found the Zen Centre Shuso blog which explains the position right at the top). We've thoroughly enjoyed your writings here. Hope your time as Shuso is enjoyable and fruitful.

Shundo said...

Thanks Sandy. Maybe I will end up writing something else, but I may just stick to putting photos up. I will keep commenting on your blog though, for sure.

Myomon said...

Shundo - congratulations!! I only wish I could be there with you at Tassajara. It will be grand.

wonderful news. bowing deeply - Choro

Shundo said...

I wish you could be there too, Myomon.

Alison said...


Many congratulations and please keep blogging as Shuso at Tassajara - that way you can share your shuso-ness beyond the Ventura Mountains !

I really appreciate your blog entries and the way they enable me to be part of an extended sangha

all the best from rainy England - summer still hasn't arrived even if the football has!


Dennis said...

Mazel Tov! I'm very pleased for you to be shuso at Tassajara - your affinity for the place has always been very clear. We will miss you in the City, but hopefully you'll return at some point. May this fall practice period be one of great spaciousness and joy (but no merit!).