Friday, February 10, 2012

Unexpected Rain

A big day with many wonderful moments. A beautiful cloudy sunrise that turned into light rain by the time we started work. Two synchronicities that made me happy: first when Susan as kokyo turned towards me during the Diamond Sutra as she had noticed that we were chanting the exact same passage in unintended unison; then, as I knuckled down to a morning of work, finishing up a program for the Stepping Down Ceremony just as Steve emailed me to ask about it. Having orchids, loaned by someone setting up a nursery, all over the building in delicate bright colours. The doshi for noon service signing for a package from the UPS man right before bowing with the jiko and starting the ceremony. Catching a glimpse of Hoitsu sitting at the table by the door of the dokusan room and writing kanji on brush paintings with such practised ease. Getting to witness his lesson in how to flick the whisk from side to side before prostrating, as we rehearsed the zendo part of the Stepping Up. Three hours of rehearsals, and still a moment to breathe before going to zazen. The first appearance in the city of Shogen and Jamie's new baby, Rio, in the middle of a dinner already full of joyful meetings and reunions. Getting to shave my head in a long bath when I had finished work in the evening, knowing that most of the things I had to do were under control.

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