Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not Without A Few Casualties

I assume it will get quieter soon, but it hasn't happened yet this week. Yesterday we got a dozen or so people through tangaryo, and after the morning schedule today, I head off to Green Gulch for the inaugural Young Urban Zen retreat. There should be a couple of dozen of us there, and five or us at least are riding bikes over. Then I am planning to take most of Monday off.
There have been a number of interactions this week that probably would have gone differently if I weren't still recovering from last week: a whispered expletive to the doan in the zendo on Wednesday morning, chewing out the shuso at breakfast yesterday when she did something that I didn't think someone sitting tangaryo should be taking on themselves to do, and an interaction with a resident about turning lights off that came over, as I have just heard back, a little more hostile than it need have been. There have been apologies all round, and hopefully no lasting damage...


Anonymous said...

oh my

may we cherish those who can overlook the not so good things

when we establish our intention to be kind, practice moment by moment to begin again to be kind ...

we can help in ways beyond measure to inspire deep peace and a safe gentle place that allows and overlooks the not so good stuff that no one wants to have anyway

you all have been so wonderful and so disciplined and so generous in your practice and your ceremonies and your dedication and all manner of zen grace

my heart opens and blesses all the participants and may all hearts be absolved of any and all unkind words or glances or actions

everyone is doing the very best they know how and everyone has been working soooo hard through all these long days

my blessings and deep thanks and huge appreciation and deep gratitude are with you all

may all hearts be healed and smiles return to all

"may we be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle"

am so thankful for all that you do

you are each deeply appreciated

this is a new next moment, we can begin again to be mindful and kind and gentle and smile to one another

we all know how much we cherish and love each other

each one of you are soooo precious, it's ok ... it's all ok

thank you for sharing this posting ... it allows us to appreciate and feel how sincere and dedicated everyone has been through all these intense and stressful goings on!

many thanks for all the effort everyone has put forth ... it was all beautiful and worth it!

Shundo said...

Thank you so much for saying this. It can't have been all bad, as someone left me a gift of chocolate over the weekend as a thank you.