Thursday, June 10, 2010


I would have written something about Bike to Work Day the other week, but as my trip to the office involves only a corridor and a flight of stairs, it didn't seem so appropriate. Residents as City Center have it pretty easy in some ways - someone comes round with a bell to wake us up for zazen every morning, and we only have to stumble down to the basement to get to the zendo; even for those living in the appartment blocks, it is just a few paces down the hill - and of course usually someone has already made a pot of coffee we can partake of on the way if we want...
There have only been a couple of occasions when I have got in a car to go to meditate, and it felt very strange to me. Almost my entire practice life has been spent living at Zen Center, right above the shop as it were. I did spend a summer in Northampton Massachusetts, and I sat at Zen on Main regularly, but luckily that was within walking distance from where I lived.
All this makes me greatly appreciate those people who come from all parts of the city, across from the East Bay or up the Peninsula on a regular basis, to attend zazen and other activities, morning and afternoon. This speaks a lot to people's devotion to practice, and also to the place Zen Center has in many people's lives. I don't think I have expressed here my gratitude to the non-resident doanryo, who make a commitment to come and take on various roles in the zendo every week. When one of our stalwarts like Robert falls sick, as he has this week, then I notice how much I have to do to fill the gaps he leaves. I am constantly grateful to the effort everyone puts in to make zazen happen, and to keep Zen Center functioning for everybody's benefit.

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robertbarrer said...

...humbling to be referred to as a stalwart.
I am feeling much better and look forward to being back next week! Thanks for the mention of "Zen Seeds" in your previous post. I had not come across that book before.