Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Year's End

My year as Ino will end on Saturday.  Deep gratitude to all of you who took a moment to read these posts.   Deep apologies for not writing as often as I should have to keep you apprised of temple life.   On too many days, exhaustion and grief silenced both creativity and voice, despite my joyous love for a job that maybe helped a few people to sit, settle and discover the inner heart-mind that’s better than any I. 

On Monday, I’ll depart for an autumn leave to continue closing out my father’s life and mourning his passing, and prepare for Dharma Transmission in December.

As our Full Moon Ceremony says:

No coming, no going.
No surplus, no lack.

Or, better yet:

Awkward in a hundred ways, clumsy in a thousand, still I go on.


A said...

Lovely post! I'm sad to see you go. Good luck in the next coming months. That's exciting news about dharma transmission, I'm looking forward to hearing you give a talk.

Anonymous said...

no coming, no going

gently reminding from a heart of great wisdom and a mind that will rest after many months od valiant effort, tirelessly abiding in service to our sangha.

thank you Valorie! I look forward to your coming again in a robe of brown with a heartmind inspiring in so many ways to keep coming and keep going!

warm bows dawna

Kogen 古 元 said...

Thank you Valorie!

Anonymous said...

Valorie, only found this after you'd gone. Deep bows to you and sorry I missed you in SF last week. Congratulations on transmission; about your dad, no words....I have enjoyed the blog a lot. Bowing - Carla Choro

Nanung Nur Zula said...