Saturday, May 11, 2013

Committed to Doing Nothing

A zendoful of practitioners spent today sitting, facing a wall, doing nothing.   There were the usual breaks to walk and rest and eat. But no talking, no eye contact, and no electronics.  What a silly waste of time, when we could have been out saving the world. 

Well, maybe we were.  Maybe we were saving the world … from us.   Suzuki-roshi opined that when we sit zazen, we aren’t breaking any precepts, perhaps for the only time all day.  There were 280 minutes of zazen today, or 4 ½ hours of brokenless precepts.  That actually sounds pretty good.  It may not be progress or accomplishment, but it sets the stage for moving and doing in resonance with each other and with our inmost request.  It’s amazing how much connection happens when we’re not communicating, when we must attend carefully to movement and breath, light and shadow, posture and form, to understand what’s going on.

Settling the “inside” is a necessary prerequisite to settling the “outside.”  Or to put it more bluntly, it’s never noisy out there. 

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Anonymous said...

So beautifully put! Reading this from outside laying in bed waiting for Tuesday to begin. A wonderful breathe of shared clear breathe.thank you,