Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seasonally Adjusted

Just as the han to end zazen began yesterday, the sun burst through the Laguna Street windows, and from the ino's seat I saw the people on the far tan illuminated with a wonderful yellow glow; with the sun so low, there seemed to be an intimate inquiry between the person and their equally tall shadow right before them, sitting together.
This morning I had dokusan with Steve, so I left the building at kinhin. It was wonderful to wait on the corner for a moment, in the fresh clear dawn air. I also got to meet at last the little dog who regularly contributes to our morning sitting these days. It was nice to put a face to the voice.
As I have noted before, and as people who live in San Francisco would undoubtedly agree, when the skies clear after the weeks of predominant fog, there is a palpable feeling of something lifted. For me as well, there is the added pleasure of seeing where the sun is hitting the building in the morning, and what is illuminated. As I went down to breakfast, I saw a similar shimmering effect on the silhouette of Suzuki Roshi that I have previously photographed:


Ruth said...

Lovely :-)

Anonymous said...

zen page a day calendar had this quote from hoitsu suzuki ... so similar to your observations of the morning shadows:

"when the sun first comes up and shines on you, your shadow is big behind you. but as you continue to sit, your shadow gets smaller and smaller, until finally it's just buddha sitting there. just the sitting buddha. you and he are exactly the same."

perhaps a similar morning with early morning sun and shadows ...

thank you for your sharings

much appreciated

Shundo said...

That's a really nice expression, thanks for sharing.
And hi Ruth, hope all is well.

Fan said...


Shundo said...

Thank you Fan - how are you doing?