Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Family Albums

We are going to do a memorial for Della Goertz this Friday evening, and I thought to look through the archives to see if we had a good picture of her in there. I remember she was one of the women who posed for the second photo below, one of a series from the early days of Sokoji, and it gave me the excuse to browse a little further. There are some pictures in the Suzuki Roshi archive that are very familiar, such as the ones from the covers of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, Crooked Cucumber and Not Always So. Others have been used in mailings or on posters over the years. The majority don't see the light of day so much; they are not such definitive pictures, some are blurred or of inferior technical quality. Nevertheless, they make a compelling history in their own right, glimpses into ceremonies and visits, special occasions and more ordinary activities. I certainly am glad we have them.

Suzuki Roshi outside the old Sokoji on Bush St

Della is the fourth woman along, with the dark sweater

I'm guessing this was on the old dining room porch at Tassajara

Suzuki Roshi with Kobun Chino at Tassajara

One of a series of group shots taken at Tassajara for some occasion.

A typical Zen Center work scene. The platform in the background makes me wonder if it was the old Tassajara zendo

I guess this is a jukai in the city, with Katagiri on Suzuki Roshi's right, and Reb on his left.

One of the people receiving the precepts at that ceremony

I'm not sure what this occasion is in the Buddha Hall, but I like the contrast between Suzuki Roshi and Katagiri - far right


Shonen said...

Clearly I need to check the Sangha News blog more often - I missed this so thanks for providing the link.

When I first started sitting at City Center, I would drive over in the morning but would not always make it before the 2nd rolldown and would sit in the gaitan with Della. She was one of the first people I got to know at Zen Center and we hadn't even said a word to each other...!

Shundo - will the service be after regular afternoon zazen in the zendo?

Shundo said...

Hi Shonen, we'll be starting the densho at 6:05pm, and the ceremony will be in the Buddha Hall. Please feel invited to make a statement at the beginning of the service.

Myomon said...

Hi Shundo, Josho Pat Phelan enjoyed the pictures and suggests you ask David Chadwick about identifying the subjects more precisely. I could send you more of her memories in an email if you like....


Shundo said...

David Chadwick certainly came to mind while I was doing this, but I am fine with not knowing all the details. I would be happy to hear more from your teacher.

Bugwalk said...

These photos are just wonderful. Thank you for sharing them here.


Shundo said...

Thanks Linda.