Sunday, September 19, 2010


Usually this early on a Sunday morning I am reading the papers waiting for it to get light enough to go and ride my bike, but since the papers had not arrived, I turned to this instead. I love these stats that Google gives me.

Page view by operating system from the last month:

Windows    984 (66%)
Macintosh   394 (26%)
iPhone           58 (3%)
Other Unix    26 (1%)
iPad              20 (1%)
Linux             2 (<1%)
iPod              2 (<1%)

Page views from the past week:

United States  266
Japan               18
Singapore        10
China                8
Germany           8
Russia               6
Canada             5
Denmark          3
Ireland             3
Argentina         2

Once again I am amazed at the global reach of this blog, and it would be fun to discover whether it is the people in Singapore who are reading on iPhones and the people in Argentina on iPods...


Chris D said...

I'm reading on Linux from Chile (usually via the RSS feed, but I load pages to make comments), so it seems likely I'm the South America contingent and the geolocation is lying. ;-)

Ruth said...

Irish woman reading your blog on an iPhone, while in San Francisco :-)