Monday, April 19, 2010

Shaving the Head and Again Shaving the Head

We had a lovely tokudo on Saturday,with a full Buddha Hall witnessing Lucy's ordination.
There was plenty of laughter - even during the ceremony, as the wisdom water that Paul brushed on Lucy's scalp ran down and dripped off her nose. It was a long and busy day for the ino, from zazen at 6:30, service, oryoki, zazen at 9:25, lecture, helping set up the Buddha Hall, rehearsing the ceremony, printing and reprinting the scripts and programs, and then the big event itself, and the photographs and reception afterwards. It being a warm day, and wearing four layers of robes for most of it, I felt like I was sweating for the best part of eleven hours, but everything went very smoothly, so I had nothing really to worry about. As Paul was giving the lecture, I remembered that it was my Dharma birthday, which brought back some happy memories, and reminded me to keep my vows uppermost in my thoughts.
Here are a couple of pictures from Saturday. As you can see, everyone is offering Lucy some hair to replace her newly bald look, although if you are familiar enough with the Zen Center website, you will recognise the recreation of a photo from a few years ago...

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GGF Ino said...

Congratulations on putting on your first Tokudo ceremony!