Saturday, March 6, 2010

Please honoured followers...

I notice that I inherited twenty two followers of this blog, not all of whom I can immediately identify from the nametags. Not being much of a blog person, I assume that following a blog means that you get alerted when there is a new post, and I can imagine that it may have been disconcerting for some people to head to the blog and find a new person writing it, and a new look. Similarly, I noticed a few people doing a double-take when I first sat in the ino's seat in the zendo.
Zen Center is a bit like Dr Who for that, if you know your British TV; you're getting used to one incarnation, and then suddenly it's all different, and someone else is making the announcements after lecture (still one of the more stressful aspects of the job for me, though each week seems less awful). Part of the idea of taking up training positions in the temple is that you come in, move the furniture around (quite literally in my case), take on the responsibilities, do them the best you can, and then give it all up and do something else before you get too attached to it.
I don't remember exactly how long it was after I became tenzo that I started really feeling, yes, I am the tenzo, that means me. After I stopped being tenzo, it took a couple of weeks to shake off that idea, and right now I don't feel, yes, I am the ino, that means me. Soon enough I expect I will feel more comfortable with that idea, and then soon enough after that, I will be doing something else...
Anyway, the umpan has just rung, and that means it's dinner time, and whoever I am, that means it's time to eat.

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crowtales said...

Hello Shundo!

I don't actually get emails when a blog I follow is updated, so no - I hadn't noticed that it changed hands until I randomly checked today. Thank you for the updates.

I find the posts about life in the SF Zen Community quite interesting and am pleased to see you updating!